What makes your holiday at Genz Appartments so easy and comfortable:

  • Flexible arrival and departure times:
    You decide on what day you want to arrive or leave. Free from the usual Saturday-Saturday rota, you can avoid heavy traffic periods and plan your holiday without stress.
  • Relaxed departure date:
    If you wish, you can make use of the late check-out (up to 4 p.m.) offer at only 50.- € extra cost.
  • Energy costs included:
    You’ll know in advance what the final cost of your holiday will be. All energy costs are included in the rental fee.
  • Sauna:
    Just grab your towel and off to the sauna – already heated up ready for our guests from 4 p.m.

A very special property

At the beginning of the 1970s, Herluf Genz (1929 – 2010) designed the apartment park, showing his far-sightedness and love of design. He started the construction work by himself in 1972 so he was his own architect and client. The first guests arrived at Easter 1973.

Timelessly modern 70s design

At the beginning, Genz was surrounded by sceptics – a semi-circular, ground-level construction? Walls showing creative masonry instead of wallpaper? Grey slate tiles instead of carpets on the floors? Mosaic tiles and stainless steel worktops in the kitchens? Banks, construction firms and lots of other people shook their heads at Herluf’s “crazy ideas.” He wouldn’t be put off and made his vision come true – his life’s work.

Today the layout of the apartments and surroundings is almost exactly the same as in the year of completion, 1973. Even to the water taps and Jacobsen chairs, the interior design and furnishing have proved to be timelessly modern – the quality of the materials used has turned out to be literally indestructible.


The “Genz feeling” across generations

But it isn’t only optical impression and furnishing that is the essence of the apartment park – it’s the very special “Genz feeling” that seems to have been passed from generation to generation. The rate of visitors returning is legendary and the list of guests who have been coming on holiday to Genz again and again since the 1970s/1980s is long! Their children, who learned to swim here and ran around playing outside, today bring their own children.

Since 2010, Herluf Genz’s daughter Anne Charlotte runs the apartment complex, extending a hearty welcome to the guests. Contact us and enjoy wonderful, relaxed holidays at any time of the year!

Royal visit

How about sleeping where Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark once laid his royal head? This prominent guest stayed in Apartment no. 16 while he was on a military exercise on Rømø in spring 1998. That’s why this apartment still has a crown over the door number to this day.

Many years later, Herluf Genz, builder and head of Genz Appartments for decades, received a very special greeting from the Danish royal family – Crown Prince Frederik congratulated him on his 80th birthday.

Genz Appartments as a film set

In the late summer of 2011, location scouts discovered the Genz apartment complex for the production of the German cinema film “Das Leben ist nichts für Feiglinge,” with Wotan Wilke Möhring. For two weeks, the entire area was transformed into a large-scale film set, with cameras, lighting, makeup and catering. A “Motel” sign was fixed over the reception area, specially for the film.

Apartment no. 10 was the scene of the storyline and further apartments were used to accommodate the film crew during the whole production period on Rømø. The tragi-comedy was released in the cinemas in April 2013. Anybody watching the film closely will spot Anne Charlotte Genz playing a minor role …

Genz Appartments also served as accommodation for film crews and actors filming other productions such as “Die Flut ist pünktlich” and “Der Verlust” by Siegfried Lenz or while making the film “Abschied in der Nacht” in 2009.

The island of Rømø frequently appears as a setting in film productions: in 2009 Roman Polanski filmed in the harbours of Rømø and Sylt for his political thriller “The Ghostwriter.” The Danish family entertainment film series “Far til fire”, a kind of Olsen gang for children, is set on Rømø and the neighbouring island of Mandø.

Comfortable accommodation for disabled guests

In order to make staying at Genz Appartments as comfortable as possible for disabled guests or those having to depend on a wheelchair, one of our apartments is specially equipped:

  • raised beds (65 cm), can also be placed as a double bed
  • easier access to bathroom and toilet
  • elevated toilet seat, additional armrests
  • support handles in the shower


Tip from the Simon family from Hamburg: “As long-time regulars we appreciate Genz Appartments, the peace and quiet and hospitality on the island. Having to depend on a wheelchair since 2009, we can only stay in barrier-free accommodation. We tried several options until 2011. During one of our visits at Genz we talked about possible structural changes. Our suggestions were adopted and implemented in apartment no. 6. It might not be as well-equipped as at home, but we’re happy that we can continue to spend several weeks in summer at Genz on Rømø.“ Regina und Jörg Simon