Romo poster 2017 B SMALLFor the Rømø Motor Festival, Genz Appartments again was a hotspot for classic car enthusiasts. Participants and spectators had booked well in advance – a wise decision: From 8 to 10 September, our small island was bursting at the seams and filled with rich engine sounds.

In its second year, the Rømø Motor Festival has already grown visibly. The cars bringing all those interested in watching the race event on Lakolk beach lined up to the dam.

Inspired by a historic car race which took place on the island of Fanø from 1919 to 1924, cars and motorcycles from the time before 1939 raced against each other over the furlong distance. A spectacular event with a very special atmosphere, created by the unusual venue on the beach and the participants’ authentic clothes.

Classic cars could not only be marveled at in the “Vintage Parking” zone on the beach, but also at Genz Appartments: Lots of guests had brought their classic cars – the best opportunity for “engine talks” after the races.

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